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The Infamous Striped Socks!

1960/61 Game Worn Striped Socks

The infamous striped socks were hand me downs by the time the brand new Denver Broncos wore them during the 1960 and 1961 seasons. These striped socks made the team the laughing stock of the fledgling AFL so in 1962, new GM Jack Faulker declared 'Something New in '62!' and made the first of 3 uniform redesigns that would take place for the Broncos during the 10 seasons the AFL existed. As a way to purge the bad feelings about the 1960/1961 uniforms, Faulkner held a buring ceremony for the socks during the 1962 training camp. The team walked by the fire and threw in thier striped socks...but thankfully not all of them. At least 5 are known to have survived and these are 2 of them!

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